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The asana practice of Yoga is one of the most powerful tools we have to encounter and nourish our sacred Self. Make it your priority and it will affect the whole of your life in ways that may surprise you. Synergy is a source for this experience: messy, joyous, dedicated. Established in 2004, we are a thriving, diverse community of people and welcome you to come as you are and experience the sacred space of the studio.

The good news about Yoga is that there are many different styles, methods and systems for us to choose from. 




At Synergy the power vinyasa practice that we offer is an intelligent combination of strength and flexibility that flows in such a way that when you are done practicing you feel the endorphin release of a solid workout, combined with the ease similar to when you get a massage.

The icing on the cake? For a little while you get to unhook from the grip of the mind and feel the space and peace of mindfulness meditation. 

In our busy lives, we believe this is the best use of your time for cultivating wellness.



Photos of Alyssa by Seth Jacobson Photography