The foundation of the Yoga offered at Synergy comes from the Baptiste Power Vinyasa method. Baron combined the disciplines of Astanga, Bikram and Iyengar and created a flowing, challenging and accessible practice to people of all levels of capability.

The room is heated to help the body open. Every class will take you on a physical and energetic journey that combines strength and flexibility in a way that allows us to access and nourish the whole body, and the postures are adaptable for all levels of physicality.


Our teaching staff all have training and experience with a variety of teachers to include: Baron Baptiste, Beryl Bender Birch, Ana Forrest, Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, Bryan Kest, Erich Schiffmann, Tom Gillette, Rolf Gates, and more. We are all committed and experienced at guiding new students in a safe, effective way, as well as inviting more experienced people in to new possibilities.

The mindfulness practices involved in Yoga are truly the greatest gift. They take us beyond the physical form into a deeper listening, past the grip of the mind into a sacred connection with our innermost being. When we take the Yoga off the mat and into the whole of our lives, the benefits are profound. At best we are less reactive and more compassionate with ourselves and everyone we relate to. When the body, mind and heart find a clearing of resistance then we create an opening to choose love over fear. In every moment when that grace is possible, we then contribute to the expansion and healing of our whole global community.

Synergy is honored to support the following organizations

The Africa Yoga Project

McAuley House

Yogis Feed the Hungry


Photos on this page by Seth Jacobson Photography