Photo by Julie Brigidi, oggiphoto.com


Alyssa Sullivan, Owner

While growing up in Lincoln, Rhode Island, I trained with the Marsdons at Brae Crest School of Ballet and Jazz with Jeremy Anderson in Providence. After many years of teaching all kinds of group and private fitness classes traveling around the world and living in Northern California I returned to the East Coast. I was fortunate to be living in Cambridge, MA when Baron Baptiste opened his studio there. One practice and I was hooked…no kidding. I have been dancing and exercising all of my life and this yoga was like nothing else I had experienced in my body. I felt then, and continue to feel now, that it is the most complete and best use of my time. I leave a practice with the endorphin release of a workout, the ease of a massage and the calm of meditation.

I trained with, and taught for Baron for 3 years and had the privilege of growing and working with an incredible group of teachers. In 2003, I returned to my roots with my family. I opened Synergy in November of 2004 in Wayland Square on the east side of Providence and moved it closer to my home in Barrington in June of 2005. Synergy was a Baptiste Affiliate studio from 2004-2012.

I am committed as a teacher to continue to evolve and grow. This involves regular attendance in workshops, master classes, and retreats. In July of 2018 I had the privilege of training with Amy Battersby one of the founders of TPYG ( Trauma Processing Yoga Group Therapy), and have been working with Amy in small groups at Synergy. Also in 2018 I started moving out of the realm of yoga an into the general public, speaking on the subject of what I call “Transcending the Story” which is about elevating and evolving the quality of our communication and relationships. I teach from my own practice, from my truth and most importantly from my heart. I invite you to come and experience the sacred space of Synergy Power Yoga.