Hello Everyone,

After taking a break this Summer, I will be returning to the village on Wednesday, October 9 to check in with the residents and see how they and their children are doing. Trish will join me in offering them a yoga practice. We want to offer them consistent classes at the village at least once a week.

 We hope that they are open.  As we all know, a consistent practice is what helps lift stress, gives us a respite from the grip of the mind, nourishes the body and keeps us connected to our own divinity. My mom as many of you know, volunteers at the Wardrobe in Central Falls. Andre who is in charge there is an amazing person and does a fantastic job. The following are his donation requests. I will additionally ask the residents at the village if they have any pressing needs that we can fulfill. Thanks for your willingness to participate in this community embrace.



Current Donation Requests 

New or gently used

Blenders, Toasters, Toaster Ovens & Small Microwaves

 All Toiletries including Razors and Cosmetics

Cleaning Supplies