June 10 - Update from McAuley Village

Hello Everyone,

Thanks so much for your generous donations to the families at McAuley Village. Collectively we provided a heavy bag, boxing gloves, hula hoops, yoga blocks some hand held weights, jump ropes and a couple of slam balls for the exercise room! We also donated some wonderful children’s books and art for the walls.

My intention is to enhance the exercise room and continue to entice the woman to utilize it. Their stress level is profound. Last Wednesday I did a sampler with 9 of the women attending.

It was awesome. I talked about all of the many ways that are available to ease tension, stress, depression and anxiety. They were all open, some of them a little shy, others ready to jump right in. 

I did a sampler. We started with the slam balls and boxing to help when they are angry or frustrated. Then we moved in to cardio. There are a couple of treadmills and elliptical machines that were already there. I added in the jump ropes and hula hoops.We discussed the value of getting their heart rates up, breaking a sweat and moving energy. Then on to strength. I introduced them to the dumbbells and we did a little bit of light lifting. The best part was getting on the floor all together and holding plank and forearm plank.

Lastly and of course my favorite, we practiced a little yoga. I offered them some lavender oil which they loved . Child’s pose and the supine twist were favorites. We ended with a brief meditation.

All in all I was so pleased at their willingness to play with me. The news from the village the next day was that the place was buzzing and that a couple of the women requested the key to use the room!

I am returning soon and will continue to do so as long as they are open.

My current requests for donations and contributions are the following.

Soft and thick exercise mats for the floor.

Beautiful art to include inspiring images and quotes for the wall of the village.

 Stationary Bike 

Inspiring books for the women

As I mentioned before, I have asked the women on two occasions to write a couple of items that would help lift their quality of life and what is interesting to me is that I have not received one request yet!

“The affect we have on others is our greatest currency.” Jim Carey

Namaste - Alyssa