Namaste Project

 I am inspired and invite any of you that are interested in joining me in supporting the women and children of the McAuley Village as they transition from extreme hardship and trauma towards building a life for themselves and their children.

Many of these women had to leave violent situations taking very little with them.

I felt called to want to “adopt” them not just during the holidays as we have been doing for these last 14 years but in an ongoing way.  If feels like Namaste in action.

There are two areas of support. 

The first is that I have asked the moms to write a small wish list of a couple of items for themselves or their children that would help to improve the quality of their life and lift their stress level.

The second is around enhancing the village itself to bring more joy and inspiration to their living environment.  One example is art and books in the common areas.

There is also a workout room that has a couple of cardio machines, some yoga mats and minimal exercise equipment. 

On May 15  I am returning to the Village. I have invited the women to play with me in the exercise room. I am going to offer them a variety of practices to help ease their suffering and awaken their vitality. We will dance and box and jump rope and of course practice a little yoga and meditation. This is the beginning of a relationship that I hope will thrive nourishing all who are involved.

Barbara Haynes is the new executive director at McAuley and is part of our Synergy community. She will be able to provide the necessary documents for your taxes to verify your donations 

As my Dad (who volunteered at McAuley for over 25 years ) used to say

“The best way to lift your spirits it to help lift someone else's.”

Let’s make a difference to another community from the generosity of ours.




McAuley Village Donation Request

  • Children’s Books - Ages 12 months - 8 years (English or Spanish)

  • Boxing Gloves

  • Hula Hoops 

  • Slam Balls 

  • Dumbbells 5lb, 10lb, 15lb and 20 lb

  • Yoga Blocks

Thanks so much to all of you for your generous support. I have all of the above items and more to begin our relationship supporting these 23 families. I am returning to the village Wednesday evening May 29 to play in a variety of ways in the exercise room with the residents ending of course with yoga and meditation. I’ll let you know through this blog how it goes!