Maryellen Fowler

Maryellen is an anatomy nerd who believes the path to a consistent practice, free of injury, is to get to know and love the body you bring to the mat today.  She began her career, in 1999, earning a certification as a nationally recognized personal trainer. She completed Reebok’s 75 hour Functional Anatomy Training in 2005 and followed up training and studying at the Gray Institute, in 2010.  

She completed her first 200 hour YTT with Tom Gillette, in 2004.  She added a 300 hour training with Coral Brown, Shiva Rea’s L.T., and a 200 hour YTT with Valerie Knopik, at Raffa Yoga, in 2016.   Maryellen added 100 hour training with Jaya Buckland, Yogi Desai’s L.T., in I AM YOGA NIDRA.  She has completed the full 80 hours of Experiential Anatomy and Spinal Intensive, with Judith Hanson Lasater, Mary Richards and Lizzie Lasater. Maryellen is also a certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher.  

She has a lighthearted no-nonsense approach to yoga.  She understands how intimidating yoga could be to a new yogi.  So she encorages all to take the first step!  Maryellen believes true yoga transforms the soul, using the real human imperfect body, as the vehicle.