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Next Breath Workshop

Tom Gillette

Saturday, Nov 2

2 -4 PM

There are so many ways the breath can help us!

This Next Breath Workshop is an introduction to a system of breath that takes 25 minutes everyday. The program is full of heart and joy. It starts simply and step by step grows into a very sophisticated and elegant breath practice. Everyone can improve their breath skills. Breath is the most important life skill of all!

$25 by Oct 25, $30 Oct 26 - Nov 1, $35 day of

Tom Gillette is a breath practitioner. He has owned four yoga studios, led 34 Teacher Trainings in the last 31 years. He likes to tell stories and jokes, so even if you don't like the class, you'll probably laugh. His online course, This Next Breath, articulates the eternal truths of yogic breath and practices in a fresh, groundbreaking way.